Victims Rights

In New South Wales there is a Charter of Victims’ Rights to protect and promote your rights if you are a victim of crime.

This Charter states how you should be treated and assisted if you are a victim of crime.

It is legislated and contained in the Victims’ Rights and Support Act 2013 .

Victims of crime have an important role within the parole process and their submission or requests can assist the State Parole Authority (SPA) to make decisions.

As a Registered Victim you're entitled to be given certain information about an offender in custody, any parole applicaitons and in some cases, you can also access certain CSNSW modified documents about the offender.

You may also make a written Victim Submission for the State Parole Authority to consider before it makes a final parole decision for an offender.

In doing so, you can inform the members of the SPA about the impact of the offending on your life and share any concerns you may have about any possible release to parole.

Victims can request exclusion zones banning an offender from visiting or frequenting certain locations in NSW.

Victim Submissions and requests for parole conditions are always considered by the SPA before making any final decision on parole for an inmate. 

Victims of Serious Offenders can choose to attend parole review hearings, held in open court and can provide either a written or verbal submission to the SPA.

The parole process can be a difficult experience for victims and their families but support is available through the CSNSW Victims Register.

The staff at the Register can guide you through the process of making a submission and can also accompany you to court to provide advice, guidance and support.

For some victims of crime having a say in the parole process is vitally important and the SPA carefully considers the wishes and concerns of a victim before making a final decision on parole.

Last updated:

19 Jul 2022

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