Serious Offenders Review Council (SORC)

The SORC is an independent statutory authority which advises on security classification, placement, and case management of inmates classed as serious offenders. 

When the SPA is considering a serious offender for parole it first requires the advice of the SORC before making any decisions.

SORC’s advice is provided to the SPA in a comprehensive report which details the history of the inmate including their conduct in custody, classification, participation and completion of program/s and a final recommendation as to whether parole is appropriate.

Section 135(5) of the Act states, except in exceptional circumstances, the SPA must not make a parole order for a serious offender unless the SORC advises that it is appropriate for the offender to be released to parole.

Should the SORC recommend release to parole and the SPA also agrees, rather than granting parole, the Authority forms an intention to grant parole

As with all decisions by the SPA, conditions and reasons for the decision must be recorded.

An intention to grant parole is formed to allow legislative requirements for:

Neither of these parties is compelled to make submissions or attend the review hearing which is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after the intention to grant parole decision is made.

Last updated:

14 Jul 2022

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