Parole Determination Kenneth Cannon

17 January 2021

Following a review hearing today, the State Parole Authority determined to grant Kenneth Barry Cannon supervised parole with stringent conditions including a ban on entering the Wagga LGA and Mandatory Electronic Monitoring. 

The Authority considered the expert advice of the Serious Offenders Review Council which advised parole was appropriate, noting in its report, “it is critical he be supervised in the community as long as possible” given his lengthy incarceration.

SPA also accepted a Community Corrections pre-release report recommending parole and advising he has completed all available programs in custody.

Cannon is serving a total sentence of 31 years and 4 months which expires 28 December 2022.  His non parole period of 27 years and 4 months expired in 2018. 

The Authority’s Chairman, David Frearson SC, acknowledged Cannon’s crimes as “horrendous” but with time running out before the expiry of his total sentence said there was a critical need to provide some supervision and structure.

If Cannon were to serve his total sentence in custody he would be released with no supervision or monitoring by authorities.

Having considered all the available expert advice, the Authority was satisfied supervised parole at this time is in the interests of the safety of the community.

Cannon is to be released on parole no earlier than 31 December and no later than 7 January, 2022.

He must comply with the following parole conditions:

  •  Standard conditions 1-11
  •  Additional conditions:  

12. must submit to electronic monitoring and comply with all instructions given by your Officer in relation to the operation of monitoring systems 

13. must abstain from alcohol 

14. must, if directed by your Officer, participate in the following intervention CSNSW Psychology

15. You must not contact, communicate with, watch, stalk, harass or intimidate the victim/s and/or the victims’ family. 

16. You must not be in the company of a person under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by a responsible adult, as determined by your Officer. You also must not engage in written or electronic communication (including through social media) with any person under the age of 16, other than with those approved by your Officer. 

17. You must comply with all conditions and requirements of the Child Protection Register

18. Must not frequent or visit Wagga LGA 

Last updated:

14 Jun 2022

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