Kieran Loveridge Parole Decision

The NSW State Parole Authority has granted parole to Kieran Loveridge who was convicted of the manslaughter of Thomas Kelly in 2012.

The determination was handed down by Authority Chair, the Honourable Geoffrey Bellew, SC following a public review hearing today.

Mr Kelly’s parents appeared in court via AVL to make further submissions to the Authority.

While Mr Kelly Snr made it clear he did not support the intention to release Loveridge, he also stated he did not oppose it. The Kelly’s told the court:

“…. [W]e are of the opinion that every effort should be made to ensure that [the offender] undertakes a period of supervision well before the expiration of his sentence in an attempt to successfully re-integrate him into lawful community life. … [I]t is our view that for Thomas’s death to mean something, it is imperative that every effort is made to ensure that a pathway is created to ensure Mr Loveridge’s transition to community life is as smooth as possible. To that end, we must consider the subjective features of his case”.

The Authority acknowledged the sorrow expressed by Mrs Kelly and the grief suffered her and the family in the wake of Thomas’ death and expressed its appreciation to them for their balanced and objective approach.

Before making its decision, the Authority considered the reports provided by the Serious Offenders Review Council and Community Corrections which, “without exception, unequivocally support the offender’s release”.

It further noted the State did not oppose parole.

The Authority said the evidence available generally supports a conclusion that positive progress has been made by the offender in custody.


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In view of all the evidence, the Authority said it was satisfied release on parole at this time is appropriate and in the interests of community safety.

In its view: “there would be a substantially greater risk posed to community safety if the offender were released at a later time with a shortened period of supervision, or, worse still, at the end of his sentence without any period of supervised parole at all. “

On parole Loveridge must comply with the following conditions:

• Standard Conditions 1-11

• Additional Conditions that he

- Must abstain from alcohol and

- Must participate in the following intervention: VOTP Maintenance.

- Not contact, communicate with, watch, stalk, harass or intimidate the victim’s family.

- Not contact, communicate, or associate with his co-offenders, without the express prior approval of his officer

- must not contact or communicate with Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) members or associates, without the express prior approval of your officer, and you must not visit or frequent any OMCG premises frequented by members and associates of OMCGs.

- You must not frequent or visit the Local Government Areas of the City of Sydney, LGA of Shoalhaven and the suburb of Neutral Bay.

Loveridge will be released from custody on a date not earlier than 18 April 2024 and not later than 25 April 2024.

His parole order will expire 17 May 2026 unless revoked.

Last updated:

11 Apr 2024

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