What happens if I don’t report to my Community Corrections Officer (CCO)?

You must report as directed to your Community Corrections Officer (CCO). If you fail to do so you may be given a warning. Repeated failure will result in your CCO contacting the SPA to have your parole revoked and you'll be arrested and taken into custody.  

What happens if I miss a program or treatment appointment?

You must contact your Community Corrections Officer as soon as possible and notify them as to why you missed your appointment and reschedule a new one.

What happens if I need to change my address?

Any change to your circumstances including your address must be discussed with your Community Corrections Officer. The Parole Authority cannot approve any changes in address. 

I was released from court or custody and don’t know if I need to report. Who do I contact?

You are encouraged to telephone or report to your closest Community Corrections office.

I’m having problems with my Community Corrections Officer – can SPA help?

If you are having problems with Community Corrections, you should speak to the Manager of the office in the first instance. The SPA cannot assist with this.

How do I apply for overseas travel?

Speak to your supervising Community Corrections Officer first. For all travel applications, the SPA must have a report from Community Corrections. You are strongly encouraged NOT to purchase any flights/accommodation until your application has been considered by the SPA. 

How do I find out what my conditions are and can I get my conditions changed?

You should have been provided with a copy of your parole conditions on release from custody. If you have lost your copy or need a new one, speak to your supervising Community Corrections Officer (CCO).

If you want your conditions changed, speak to your CCO first as there are some conditions that can't be changed on your order. 

The SPA cannot remove Officer Directions, Domestic Violence Electronic Monitoring or Mandatory Electronic Monitoring. 

What happens if I breach my parole?

Depending on the nature of the breach you could be given a warning or have your parole revoked.

Minor breaches of parole are managed by your Community Corrections Officer (CCO) but if you commit a serious breach, such as being charged with an offence, your CCO will send a breach report to the SPA which will revoke your parole, issue a warrant to NSW Police for your arrest and you will be returned to prison.

How do I know if my parole or ICO has been revoked?

Contact your Community Corrections Officer.

Otherwise, you can email

If my Parole Order/ICO has been revoked, can I get bail once I have been arrested and entered custody?

No. There is no possibility of bail once the SPA has revoked your Parole Order/ICO. 

How long will it take to get a review hearing once I have returned to custody on a revoked order?

Review hearings are listed within 4-6 weeks of entering custody. This is to make sure you are provided the documents the SPA relied on to revoke your order and for you to decide whether you want to appear at the review hearing or nominate a legal representative who can also be provided the neccesary documents. 

Who do I contact if I witness someone breaching their parole?

If it is a life-threatening matter or an emergency contact NSW Police on Triple Zero (000). 

Breaches can be reported to police or community corrections officers.

Last updated:

25 Jul 2022

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