What is the relevant legislation governing the parole process? 

The parole process in NSW is governed by the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 and associated regulation.

How do I request documents for my client appearing before a SPA hearing?

You need to contact the

How do I request documents for my client who is appearing at a review hearing?

A signed authority is required from your client before the SPA can provide you documents. The signed authority should be forwarded to the

If you are unable to visit your client to obtain this authority, you should contact the correctional centre and request assistance. 

How do find out a hearing date for my client?

You need to contact

Am I required to attend the Parole Authority review hearing in person?

Yes. Legal representatives are expected to attend review hearings in person. Matters cannot be booked in or reserved for specific times and review hearings commence at 10.30am. 

How do I request a standover for a review hearing?

If you require your client’s matter be adjourned to a later date (for example, in circumstances where court matters are not finalised) you should request this in writing and advise of your available dates in an email to:

In the event you do not provide available dates, this will be determined by the panel.

My client has been granted bail. Can I request an earlier review date?

A request for earlier review date must be made in writing and sent to

Granting of bail in respect of outstanding matters does not always result in an earlier review date or release from custody.

How do I make submissions to the Parole Authority?

Written submissions for closed meetings should be provided no later than one week prior to the meeting. 

Written submissions for review hearings should be provided no later than three business days prior to the hearing. 

These deadlines are required to ensure that SPA members have sufficient time to digest the material you are providing. 

How do I find out if my client’s parole or ICO has been revoked?

You need to contact

How do I apply for Manifest Injustice?

There are no forms that need to be lodged when applying for Manifest Injustice consideration.

All submissions should be provided in the form of correspondence/submission with all necessary details and emailed to

How do I apply for Reintegration Home Detention (RHD) on behalf of my client?

You cannot make an application for RHD on behalf of your client.

Community Corrections is the only referring agency for RHD applications.

How do I apply for removal of electronic monitoring?

Before requesting removal of electronic monitoring (EM) you need to determine whether EM has been placed on the parole order as a Community Corrections direction, by a SPA order, or if it is Mandatory Electronic Monitoring (MEM).  See s219A of the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999. 

The SPA does not have jurisdiction to remove Community Corrections directions for EM or MEM conditions from a parole order.

Your client should have a copy of their parole order or you can contact the SPA for assistance at

All submissions should be provided in the form of correspondence/submission with all necessary details and emailed to

How do I apply for overseas travel?

Your client is encouraged to discuss any travel plans with their supervising Community Corrections Officer to avoid unnecessary delays.

For all applications, the SPA requires a report from Community Corrections, whether they are supportive of travel or not.

The quickest response from the SPA occurs when your client makes an oversease application to Community Corrections first. 

Travel for recreation is never approved.

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19 Jul 2022

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