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The NSW State Parole Authority (SPA) is an independent, statutory authority governed by the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 and its function is to make informed, impartial and evidence-based decisions about the safe reintegration of inmates into the community.

The SPA also has powers to:

  • set additional parole conditions for offenders 
  • revoke any parole order made in NSW
  • reinstate any parole order when appropriate  
  • revoke and reinstate any Intensive Correction Order (ICO)
  • decline parole for terrorism related offenders unless it is satisfied that the offender will not engage in, incite, or assist others to engage in terrorist acts or violent extremism.

Community safety is the State Parole Authority’s highest priority.

The legal obligation to ensure the protection of the community is the SPA’s paramount consideration, is outlined in Section 135 of the CAS Act: 

“The Parole Authority must not make a parole order directing the release of an offender unless it is satisfied that it is in the interests of the safety of the community”.

Parole is an important mechanism within the judicial system and release on parole with supervision and conditions is proven to be highly effective in reducing re-offending.

The parole process is complex, with every decision requiring the careful assessment and deliberation of a broad range of material, including risk assessments, psychological reports, experts’ advice, sentencing remarks, criminal history and pre-release reports provided by Community Corrections and, where relevant, the Serious Offenders Review Council. 

The SPA records reasons for every decision made.

The SPA Members are tasked with making often difficult decisions and sit on panels for closed meetings and public court hearings, four days a week.

They are committed to executing their duties with diligence and dedication.

Last updated:

19 Jul 2022

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